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A few thoughts for Thursday

Categories: General Health

> Exercising to lose weight? A few times a week won’t cut it, find out how much you need to work out to really shed pounds.

> Oh, how we love our greens! The New York Times agrees and adds 5 delicious-sounding recipes we’re hungry to try.

> Why we should all learn to love jumping rope + warnings for all that skipping and hopping we’ll be doing

> Are you kidding? You’re still not exercising? Find out what you’re missing out on…

> Hold the ham! Canadian Food Inspection Agency warns about listeria in some types of this salty, cured meat.

> Yes, you can have your red wine, chocolate and coffee (in moderation, of course.)! More good news about these favourite indulgences.

> Did you know there are two kinds of fibre: soluble and insoluble? Find out which one you should eat more of…

> Put some sunflower seeds in a blender, add a bit of olive oil, garlic and curry powder … and voila: a healthy, delicious, energizing snack.

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