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Lick the salt habit!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released a list of the top 10 sources of sodium in the average diet.

The usual culprits were there – soups, cheese, and pizza – but were any of you as surprised as I was to find a big catch-all category like “snacks” at the bottom of the list?

And were any of you even more surprised by the top offender? Who would have thought that bread was the largest source of sodium in our diets? I certainly wouldn’t have guessed so.

Salt is a common additive to processed foods – think of all of those bags of chips, cans of soup, and boxes of microwave meals that we eat – but it is one that we can avoid with some shopping savvy.

The CDC lists these 10 foods as the top sources of sodium in our diets:

1. Breads and rolls
2. Cold cuts and cured meats
3. Pizza
4. Poultry
5. Soups
6. Sandwiches
7. Cheese
8. Pasta dishes
9. Meat dishes
10. Snacks

To reduce your salt intake:

Eat fewer processed foods and switch to eating fresh fruits and vegetables more often
Use herbs and spices like lemon, garlic, pepper, and oregano to give flavour to your foods instead of salt
Switch salty, crunchy snacks like chips for healthier options like popcorn or pita triangles

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