A surprisingly common problem for new moms

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A new mom knows to expect midnight feedings and lack of sleep. She expects to change many poopy- and pee-filled diapers. But what she may not expect is to have trouble controlling her own bladder!

Alas, bladder control issues happen to one-third of all new moms! It’s called postpartum urinary incontinence, and it’s caused by the weakening of the muscles in the bladder and the pelvis. The muscles weaken after all the stress and strain of pregnancy, labour, and post-birth body changes. A mom may experience it when exerting herself - lifting and carrying her baby or even when laughing, coughing, or sneezing.

So what can a new mom do? According to “Childbirth and incontinence”, Kegel exercises may help with bladder control. The exercises, described here, strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and help to train the bladder.

You may also choose to wear an absorbent product, just in case. You needn’t despair at the thought of having to buy “adult diapers” in addition to baby nappies - there are actually different types of absorbent products to choose from, some definitely more discreet than others!

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