Try it Tuesday: Save your pop pennies

If you went to the pop machine right now and found the price had gone up by 45 cents, would you skip your sugary soda?

Harvard researchers boosted the price of pop at affiliated hospital cafeterias by 35% and found that sales of soft drinks dipped by 26%. Customers opted instead for more affordable - and relatively more wholesome - coffee or diet pop. For more info, keep reading here …

Previously, researchers had tried posting signs educating customers about the health risks of swigging back sugary, calorie-laden, but nutritionally empty soft drinks. It made no difference in soda pop sales.

Sugary pop obviously damages your teeth, but it also contributes quite a bit to the epidemic of obesity, increase the risk of developing gout, and it can trigger heartburn.

Oh, and if you think you’re making a healthier choice by pushing the button for juice, think again.

What do you think, which tactic would make a change to your beverage buying habits? Would either sway you away from soft drinks?

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