Myth Monday: Mid-day drowsiness means you need more sleep

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You’ve eaten lunch and headed back to your desk. You scroll through your queue of early afternoon emails - and begin to feel like you’re being hypnotized: “You’re getting sleeeeepy. Verrrry sleeeepy.”

Sleepless tossing and turning or too many late nights may sap your energy and leave you lazing and lapsing into drowsy daydreams while at work. But is mid-day sleepiness a sure-fire sign that you’re sleep-deprived?

via Medbroadcast: Daytime drowsiness can be one sign of sleep deprivation, but it’s totally natural to feel a lull in your energy levels in the afternoon. There’s a scientific reason for a siesta! Our bodies run on a biological clock throughout the day, and there are dips and peaks in our asleep-awake cycle. Adults are known to experience the strongest, most persuasive feelings of sleepiness at two times in the day: around 2 to 4 am and then again at 1 to 3 pm (with some variation depending on whether you’re a “morning person” or “evening person”).

So, if you’ve ever wished that your workplace had a nap-room, you’re not alone! Of course, how sleepy you are during those afternoon siesta hours will be affected by how much sleep you’ve had. Keep reading here for some reasons why you should give in to your urge to nap.

Intense drowsiness may indeed indicate sleep deprivation, and as many as one in three Canadians experience insomnia. Check out 12 possible reasons for sleepless nights + 10 ways to catch more Zzzzs.

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