Myth Monday: Can duct tape get rid of warts?

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Warts have a justifiably icky reputation, reminding us of witches and toads and how we’re supposed to accept a situation “warts and all”.

And yet warts are so common that at any one time 25% of the population has one. And one of the first things on your mind when you notice you have a wart is “How do I get rid of this thing - and fast?” For some folks, an over-the-counter salicylic acid treatment will do the trick, but others try a non-medicinal approach that might surprise you: duct tape.

Does duct tape work against warts? And is it safe?

via MedBroadcast: The jury is still out on duct tape. Some research says it’s as good as other treatments, while other research says it doesn’t work at all. Recently, a study found that duct tape did not significantly help in getting rid of children’s warts. The study has been criticized because the duct tape didn’t stick well, and it may not have been used for long enough. Generally, it’s best to stick with a wart treatment such as salicylic acid, a low-cost option that is about 70% effective, although it can take months to work. Other options are available, so talk to your doctor or pharmacist for more detail.

One of the reasons that duct type might ward off a wart is because it would irritate the area of the skin where you stick it, hopefully speeding up the body’s natural immune response to irritation and to the virus that caused the wart in the first place.

Caused by any one of 70 varieties of human papillomavirus (HPV), a wart can grow anywhere on your body and sprout in 6 clinically different types. They’re quite contagious and can be just plain unsightly: little cauliflower-looking common warts; the  yellowish-brown plantar warts some people get on their feet that make walking painful; or the small, flat, sexually-transmitted genital warts that can grow on the internal or external genital areas or in the throat.

For more information about treating and preventing warts, keep reading here.

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  1. Ok so there are about a billion different treatments out there and every single sufferer has their own opinion on what works. Personally, I have had success with only 2 products, one being a prescription pill and one being this:
    A combination of both got me cleared up in just under 2 weeks.
    1.Buy this
    2.Go see your GP

    Good luck.

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