Spring in a steamy glass

I gazed out the cafe window, watching the snow fall fluffy and soft. It was the lovely sort of snow, that light, unobtrusive snow that often falls delicately onto the heads of a movie’s romantic leads.

People walking by all looked so dear bundled up in their puffy coats, scarves wrapped around their necks, boots to the knees.

It was a lovely winter scene, even with the frigid draught that blew in whenever someone came or went through the doors.

Still, despite all the chilly weather charm, it was a glass of what looked to me like pure liquid springtime that really got my attention …

I mentioned in a previous post that I’d downed coffee from a cup as big as my head at this very same cafe. It left me with an eye twitch and big-time caffeine jitters, which interfered with my enjoyment of my book and of the lovely winter’s scene unfolding before me.

My twitchy eye moved from the window’s snowy canvas to a cup sitting on a nearby table: A bright green bunch of fresh mint floating in a golden sea. Fresh, whole mint-leaf tea! Steam rose from the cup as the mint’s flavour spread through the hot water. Honestly, it looked so amazing, so crisp and fresh, I had to have my own cup right away.

Mint tea is one thing. Dried mint ground, bagged, and steeped in hot water still smells good and imparts some of mint’s healthy benefits. Mint in almost any form is great for soothing indigestion, and mint tea feels great going down when you have a cold or flu.

But there is something so refreshing about sipping on whole leaf mint tea! Maybe it’s the sight of green, of real, actual leaves that makes it such a pleasure to drink. That’s likely why it had me running to the cafe counter and why I spent the rest of that afternoon daydreaming of spring. Until it arrives, I’ll steal a bit of spring by drinking fresh, caffeine-free mint tea.

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